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Buy Onion Products
Shallot deep-processed semi-finished seasoning, golden color, crispy taste and long-lasting aroma.
1. Choose fresh shallots, peel them and cut into thin slices
2. Pour the sliced shallots into vegetable oil and fry on a slow fire. The amount of oil is less than that of the shallots. Keep stirring during the period. Be careful not to use high heat. The shallots are easy to burn.
3. When the shallots are slowly dehydrated and change color, add appropriate salt and continue to stir. When the shallots are somewhat crispy, they can be removed and drained. Pay attention to the heat and keep the fire low.
4. Drain the shallot oil and store it after cooling. The shallot oil is also a good seasoning oil, which is great for mixing vegetables.
5. Red onion crisps are good choices for mixing cold dishes, making braised pork rice, etc.Buy Onion Products

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