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Luggage Wrapping Machine for sale

1.Machine introduction:
Baggage wrapper LP600F-L is a machine for packing luggage and baggage at the airports site 鈥?passenger terminals  or any other transport hubs. It is designated to increase the security of the luggage during the transportation by protection against: pilferage, smuggling, damages, accidental openings, dust and humidity, scratches and any other accidents which can happened during the movement of the luggage over the conveyer belt system.

Machine Specifications could be custom
2.Material usage:
Machine is using a standard type of stretch film packaging material for creating a hard to tear,resistance,waterproof cover over the loads.The film is recyclable.Specification:width:500mm,thickness:20-25 microns,length:1500meters,weight: max:16kg,stretchable,one side sticky,transparent or colored.
3.Function of the machine:
1.Control System
3.Main technical data of the machine
3.1 Powered pre-stretch mechanism inside (up to250 %), meaning material savings;
3.2. Usage of standard (normal) size of stretch-film material (500mm. in width, 23 microns in thickness, 1500 meters long. hard paper core inside 76.2 mm). Most of the machines of the competitors are using non-standard 700mm. in wide stretch film, which is not available on the market.
3.3. Entirely automatic functions (auto mode). Also manual mode is available from the control panel for easy and comprehensive wrapping of non-standard (fragile) items.
3.4. Fast wrapping speed, rotary speed adjustments (0-12 rpm), vertical film carriage movement speed adjustment, smooth start and soft stop functions.
3.5. Up/Down movement of the film carrage in auto mode, helping for the smooth wrapping of big suitcases.
3.6. Number of the rotation adjustment (Layers adjustment), film tension adjustment.
3.7. Size of the machine: length 1550mm, width 620mm, high 1730 mm, Many color options;
3.8. Safety regulations are covered by Emergency stop and control switchers on the main doors of the machine for power cut off in some cases.
1.all the machine before shipping should pass the inspect the test by assemble&debugging  engineer, after the tested video and picture approved
by customer, then machine will packing by bubble film or standard
wooden case.(wooden case need charge)
2.inner packaging is film wrapping,outer packaging is wood box for free fumigation,the packaging size is according to the machine you ordered.

Warranty and after-sales service
(1) we guaranteed that the equipment is brand new and unused;
(2) Warranty period: 12 months after the shipment.
Recommend color:
Company information:
2003.Jinan Dyehome Machinery Co.,Ltd founded.
2005.CEO changed to Mr Yang.
2006.Foreign trade start.
2010.Modern airport luggage wrapping machine designed,become the leader in this area.
2015.Company name change to Shandong Dyehome Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.
2016.To be one listed company in China,Company NEEQ STOCK CODE:836635
2016.Move in new factory.Luggage Wrapping Machine for sale

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