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others Jonathan Drouin Canadiens Jersey

Current Situation of Hot Tub

With the development of economic integration Max Pacioretty Canadiens Jersey , there will be a big improvement in the EU's economic and technological competitiveness. Sanitary ceramics industry in Europe also gets a new change and progress. While sanitary ceramic is the main material to make commercial hot tub, so it will bring great influence in the industry of hot tub. China exports massive of sanitary ceramics as well as a large number of imported foreign high-grade sanitary ceramics products, foreign famous brands of sanitary ceramics have set up factories in China to seize the high-grade sanitary ceramics market. There is great development in Chinese sanitary ceramics products in terms of variety, grade and size. With the booming of real estate industry, the Chinese sanitary ceramics industry also obtain the rapid development Andrew Shaw Canadiens Jersey , the original ceramic enterprises continue to integrate while new sanitary ceramics enterprises are also emerging, the sales of the whole industry are gradually growing.

Mainstream of Bathtub

Currently, 90% of the market bath products are acrylic material, only 10% for the cast iron, ceramic Artturi Lehkonen Canadiens Jersey , steel, stone, wood and so on. It is said that acrylic is a relatively new type of material and chemical material, and it was not known by people until 2002. The chemical name of Acrylic is "PMMA" which belongs to a propylene alcohols, commonly known as a "specially treated glass" Victor Mete Canadiens Jersey , its raw material is generally in the form of particles, sheet, pipe and so on. Acrylic has high transparency and its light transmission rate is up to 92% with the reputation of "plastic crystal", and excellent weather resistance, it can be especially applied to outdoor Paul Byron Canadiens Jersey , ranking the highest in other plastics with both good surface hardness and gloss, in addition, it can be made into various shapes and products. Acrylic hot tubs wholesale transfers heat slowly with excellent insulation. Compared to cast iron or steel bathtubs, it can give you the sense of "warm and soft" and will not make the body pain. However, acrylic also has its shortcomings Jeff Petry Canadiens Jersey , it is easy to hang dirt, and its capability to resist high temperature is poor.

Production and Equipment of Hot Tub

Judging from the appearance, we can see that the size of the bathtub looks a little bigger than other sanitary ceramics. So many homeowners should be believe that bathtub technology is relatively high, but because of the differences of bathtub material, bathtub can be made without firing Phillip Danault Canadiens Jersey , so the technology of hot tub is relatively easier than that of ceramic ware and other products. In fact, the requirement on the production process of the bathtub and the input threshold of production equipment are all not high. The bathtub mold costs only a few million yuan, so a great number of manufacturers can produce bath products.

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